Friday, October 17, 2014

Making a Repurposed Message Board

          School has started, family activities are in full swing, and we are headed into one of the busiest seasons of the year.  If you are like me, you have to write things down to keep on track.  Instead of piling messages, coupons, pictures, and lists on the counter, you can make a fun, stylish repurposed message board from discarded objects you may have in your attic or garage.  All you need is a little imagination and a few supplies depending on the style of board you choose.  Here are some ideas to get organized in style.
·         Hang vintage bed springs or old truck seat springs on the wall.  Use little clothes pins to attach messages.  You can decoupage decorative paper to one side of the clothes pins to dress them up with color.

·         Attach bicycle rims to the wall, again using clothes pins to attach notes.

·         Find a full length, free standing mirror and paint the mirror part with chalkboard paint. Paint the wood part of the mirror a bright color for added interest.  If you paint a layer of magnetic paint under the chalk paint, you can use magnets to attach notes. Place the mirror near the door your family uses the most.  Have a basket of chalk nearby so everyone can write messages as needed. 

·         If you have an old dresser mirror with no glass, string wire across the opening, add clothes pins, and hang on the wall.  Paint the wood for an extra pop of color.
·         Silver serving trays can make elegant message boards.  Attach to the wall with picture hanging strips, or add wire to hang from nails.  Place decorative magnets on the trays, and you are ready to add notes.  You can purchase plain magnets at craft stores and glue on flowers, craft paper, tile, and other objects to customize the look of your message keeper.

·         Look for other metal objects you can hang and use magnets on such as a round Chinese Checkers game, antique ceiling tin, or truck tailgate.
·         Hang a shutter vertically in a narrow space.  You can tuck bits of paper and cards into the slats.
·         Windows make great message boards.  You can customize the panes with chalkboard paint, pictures, decorative paper, maps, and cloth.  If there isn't any glass in a pane, add cork board or chicken wire.  If you have a large window, add a shelf and brackets to the piece to hold clothes pins, chalk, white board markers, and paper.

·         For a an extra-large message board or menu board, turn an old door sideways, paint just the panels with chalk board paint and attach to the wall.  You can do the same thing with a discarded foot board from a wooden bed.

·         Hang a garden gate made from wire on the wall and add decorative clothes pins.

Encourage your family to check the board often by leaving love notes, quotes, treats, and photos along with messages.  When the holidays arrive, your board can hold menus, recipes, and Christmas cards.  Streamlining your paper clutter into one stylish place will save time, space, and stress, and you can create a one of a kind showpiece for your wall at the same time.