Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hardware Hacks

     Anyone who repurposes furniture or cabinets knows that hardware can be terribly expensive.  Instead of blowing your budget at a store, consider looking around your house or garage for some unique, affordable alternatives.  You can use almost anything as drawer or door pulls with a little ingenuity.
     Do you have a boat?  Use the cleats on your cabinets.

     Raid your garden shed for extra spigot valves.

     Build some wooden pulls out of vintage rulers and spools.

     If you are decorating a dresser or cabinet in a child's room, use toys to make fun handles.

     Old silverware is great on kitchen drawers.  Mix and match patterns for visual interest.

     Skeleton keys create a vintage look.

     Try old paintbrushes on shop or studio cabinets.

     Your yard can even yield natural elements that won't cost a thing.  Rocks, sticks, rope, and antler sheds all make unusual and eye-catching handles.

You may still require some hardware to attach your finds to the door or drawer, but usually your overall cost will go down if you get creative with the pulls themselves.  And you'll end up with a one-of-a-kind look that you can customize to your taste and style.